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The Department of Labor Affairs is headed by Katherine González, a specialist in labor issues with extensive knowledge in workforce management, compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS ), the National Insurance Institute (INS) and labor provisions in Costa Rica. This department is responsible for calculating legal labor deductions through specialized software, which allows time savings thanks to automation.


At the same time, it is dedicated to selecting and recruiting talent, and guaranteeing the hiring of qualified collaborators for key positions in companies. We use testing and human resource management methodologies to evaluate candidates, ensuring they align with the organization's culture and strategic objectives. Katherine and her team provide a comprehensive selection process that includes identifying, evaluating and hiring personnel, ensuring that each addition adds value and strengthens the company's internal capabilities.



In our Labor Affairs department, we are committed to providing comprehensive and reliable solutions regarding payrolls and labor obligations, freeing companies from the administrative and legal complexity associated with personnel management.



We strive to be leaders in the field of human resources management, providing innovative and efficient services that allow companies to focus on their core business and the development of their human talent.

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Definition of Payroll Services

Our payroll services offer a customized solution for managing employee compensation. We take care of the calculation of salaries, the application of legal deductions, labor-tax withholdings, benefits administration, and regulatory compliance. We ensure that all tax and employment obligations are met, allowing companies to focus on their core business while we take care of payroll.


Components and Characteristics of Form Processing:

  • Calculation of salaries, deductions, and social security contributions. Issuance of payment receipts and management of bank transfers to employees.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with Costa Rican labor and tax laws.

  • Preparation and presentation of reports to local authorities, such as the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) and the Ministry of Finance.

  • Benefits Management: Administration of employee benefits, including health insurance, supplemental pensions, and other incentives.

  • Integration of benefits into payroll processing. Payroll Automation and Technology: Implementation of payroll management systems and specialized software that conforms to local regulations. Process optimization through the use of advanced technologies and employee self-service platforms.

  • Consulting on Compensation Strategies: Advice on salary structures and benefit plans. Development of incentive programs aligned with the company's strategic goals.

  • Payroll Tax Management: Calculation and withholding of employee income taxes. Management of social security contributions and other payroll-related taxes.

  • Payroll Outsourcing Services: Complete outsourcing of the payroll process to reduce administrative burden and ensure regulatory compliance. Continuous support and updates in accordance with changes in Costa Rican legislation.​

  • Recruiting Our recruiting services are designed to identify, attract and select the right talent to meet your company's specific needs. Through a personalized approach and advanced search strategies, we ensure the hiring of highly qualified professionals who align with your organization's culture and goals.

  • Personnel Search and Selection: Identification and attraction of qualified candidates for various positions within the company. Selection process that includes interviews, tests and evaluations to ensure the suitability of the candidates.

  • Head Hunting: Search for high-level professionals and middle managers for key roles. Confidential and personalized process to find talent in the Costa Rican market.

  • Personnel Evaluation and Selection: Carrying out psychometric and technical evaluations to determine the suitability of candidates. Design of effective selection processes aligned with the specific needs of the company.

  • Temporary Recruitment and Personnel Hiring Services: Provision of temporary personnel to cover short-term needs. Flexible hiring solutions to adapt to fluctuations in labor demand.


XML Electronic Billing Services

Definition We offer invoicing and XML file-receiving outsourcing services that include the issuance and validation of electronic invoices, secure document storage, and integration with ERP and accounting systems. Our automated and optimized approach ensures regulatory compliance with the Treasury, reduces errors, and improves your company's operational efficiency.


Components and Characteristics of the Issuance of Electronic Invoices:

Outsourcing the process of issuing electronic invoices, ensuring that they are carried out in accordance with local regulations.

  • Reception and Validation of Invoices: Reception of electronic invoices from suppliers and validation of their compliance with the regulations and internal requirements of the company.

  • Generation and Sending of XML Files: Generation of XML files following the required technical specifications and sending to the relevant tax authorities.

  • Secure Storage: Provision of secure and accessible storage for all electronic invoices and related documents.

  • XML File: Management of XML files, including reception, storage and organization to facilitate consultation and regulatory compliance.

  • Tax Advice: Advice on any change in tax regulations that may affect the electronic invoicing process.


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