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In an increasingly regulated and changing environment, having confidence in financial information and ensuring legal compliance is a prerequisite for any organization and its stakeholders.

Tax Planning

We offer comprehensive tax compliance, tax planning and advice on interventions. In our services, the design of a tax strategy that positively impacts your tax payment, while complying with tax regulations, stands out.

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Administration of payroll

We have a team of human resources specialists who have extensive experience and can provide practical advice at all stages of organizational development. No matter what sector you are in or the number of staff you employ, our specialists are trained to advise you in the best way.


The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of technical standards in the development of the accounting activity, they fulfill the purpose of standardizing the application of accounting standards in the world. At EAS Latam we have specialists who can advise you if you need to understand this global language. IFRS allow you to make the information in the financial statements understandable and transparent, which will help you make decisions.

Our commitment to all customers is one of our main characteristics, so we care about guiding you in the best way.
We analyze how your business is run, suggest ways to improve systems and structure in order to help you achieve your goals.

Corporate Finance

We support organizations throughout their life cycle, taking into consideration that they restructure and expand. We offer a wide range of advisory services that support the needs of our clients.

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A notary service in Costa Rica has a high responsibility similar to CPA services, due to the ethical nature and the specialized knowledge in the authentication and/or legalization of certain documents. We have incorporated this service to our portfolio.

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